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INSIDE 2013 HOT COMPANIES Why Is Capture so hard? It Could Be your ConsIstenCy. p.10 the nsa and the ItCh that Won’t Go aWay p.14 fitting the document management puzzle together FIve trends reshapInG reCords ManaGeMent p.16 Predictive coding is redefining the old saying of, “the More you Know.” By Marilyn Bier page 18 transactional coMMunication is still a Mixed bag. By Matt Swain page 22 summer.13

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DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer
Table of Contents
What’s New
Social Conversation
Editor’s View
Why Is Information Capture So Hard? Could Be Your Consistency.
Two Years Later, QR Codes Are Still Going Strong
The NSA and the Itch That Won’t Go Away
Five Trends Reshaping Records Management As You Know It
More Is Better
Crawford Technologies
Paloma Print Products
ISIS Papyrus Software
Diversified Information Technologies
Snowbound Software

DOCUMENT - 2013 Summer