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What You Think In a continuing effort to learn “What You Think, a short survey will ” be sent every other month to the Mailing Systems Technology database of mail operations managers in order to provide continuous feedback from your colleagues. Thank you to the over 200 respondents who provided the answers to the two-minute survey, distributed in March, concerning how the economy is impacting their mail operations. According to results, communication between the managers and upper management teams appears to be excellent, as 86% of the respondents have explained to upper management how the economy is impacting their operations, compared to the 14% who have not had this dialogue. Eighty-eight percent of the managers indicate upper management understands the economic impact on mail operations, compared to the 12% who do not. Respondents gave many examples of how upper management supports them in these trying economic times. Some examples include: » “They negotiate flexible pricing and partnering with vendors to reduce markup. ” » “Funds were made available to purchase software to discount mailings. ” » “They allow me to attend seminars and classes that permit me to keep on top of important postal issues. ” » “We are diversifying to offer more services to our customers. We are also partnering with other service providers to add value to our offerings. ” With Jacquelyn McPeak, CMDSM The Breakdown of Respondents The majority of the respondents to the survey — 65% mail facility in a business, while 35% provide mail — either work in or are responsible for the services such as presort, lettershop and data for other organizations. » » » “They are taking no steps to lower postage costs. In fact, we are now running full rate since they won’t follow or help with MOVE Update. ” “They do not understand the complexity of preparing mail. ” “I have a constant battle around the use of a presort service as well as no support in updating equipment. ” Luckily, the positive responses received far outweigh the negative ones. And the support that these respondents receive from upper management seems to translate well in terms of the support they give their own employees. Measurement Is a Must Frequency of Managers Measuring Quarterly Mail Volumes Knowledge Is Key Sixty-four percent of the respondents provide for educational opportunities such as training and/or attendance at mailing, shipping and receiving conferences, while 36% do not. Sixty-five percent have attempted to add educational opportunities to their budgets, and 35% have not. Of course, some changes had to be made that weren’t necessarily positive ones. Some respondents say that although negative, these changes were still undertaken with the best goals of the company in mind, while other respondents say that management is flat-out refusing to help them navigate these trying economic waters. Some responses include: 8% Annually 12% Seventy-seven percent of the 39% Daily respondents routinely measure and evaluate their volume and productivity, while 23% do not. Some measure in two or more categories. Monthly 51% » » 20 “They are very supportive, but we’ve made cuts in employees for the economic reason. ” “Dropped salaries by 20% because sales are down. ” Jacquelyn McPeak is one of a distinguished number of mail professionals that has obtained certification as a Mail and Distribution Systems Manager (CMDSM). She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and MSMA and Postal Customer Council (PCC) meetings and has been recognized as one of the top speakers at the National Postal Forum. Contact her at or 410-833-3224. MAY - JUNE 2009 a

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Mailing Systems Technology - May/June 2009
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Mailing Systems Technology - May/June 2009