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From the Source These are dynamic, challenging and rapidly changing times for the mailing industry. At the Postal Service, we are exploring a number of options to reinforce the value of mail, including responding to industry needs to fully leverage the possibilities and customer benefits of the Intelligent Mail barcode, among others. With prices set to change on May 11, I wanted to bring you the most up-todate information on IMb and what you may need to do to take full advantage of this technology as well as provide some details about this summer’s Saturation Mail Volume Incentive Program. By Steve Kearney Reinforcing the Value of Mail PostalOne! should contact their local business mail acceptance employees, as they do today when they have mailing questions. Until May 11, new users who wish to gain access to the FAST system to schedule appointments can contact local facilities to confirm dock availability. USPS facilities will accept new customers without a FAST appointment until they can access FAST and acquire a Scheduler ID. All mailers must comply with the mailing and documentation standards and present PS Form 8125 as proof of payment for drop shipment mailings. Priority Mail Commercial Base Pricing — Permit Imprint: Beginning in January, we provided commercial base pricing for Priority Mail customers using permit imprint. We asked customers to conform with the commercial base price barcode requirements by May 2009. After receiving a large number of requests for additional programming time to accommodate this requirement, the Postal Service is extending the exception to the barcode requirement until January 2011 for all permit imprint customers. Finally, I want to remind you that the National Postal Forum brings all of this information — and much more — to life for mailers and other industry professionals. The National Postal Forum, May 17-20, is one of the premier educational event/experience and trade shows available to mail professionals today. Attend the National Postal Forum to get a complete education in the “Business of Mail. If your business or profession has anything ” to do with using mail, or any of the products and services available through the United States Postal Service, then Washington, D.C. is the place you need to be! For information and to register, please visit a Steve Kearney is Senior Vice President, Customer Relations, for the U.S. Postal Service. PostalOne! and FAST Outages — We are preparing PostalOne! release 20 to support the price change on May 11 and the test environment for the Intelligent Mail Full-Service barcode option on May 18. We are also planning a system-wide, 12-hour outage for PostalOne! and FAST over May 9-10. During these outages, mailers cannot access PostalOne! or submit electronic mailing documentation. Mailers should review their file submission processes and make arrangements for these outages. The outage does not affect FAST online scheduling, but mailers will not be able to schedule appointments electronically using Mail XML or Wizard Web Services. During the outage, mailers who wish to schedule appointments online must log directly into FAST through Use the online application to schedule appointments with less notice. Please call the PostalOne! help desk at 1-800-522-9085 or your local FAST facility coordinator if you have questions. New User Access for PostalOne! and FAST — Beginning May 11 with PostalOne! release 20, users will access PostalOne! and FAST via the new Business Customer Gateway. To support the migration, we cannot add new users to PostalOne! or FAST until May 11. New users who wish to access information contained in Saturation Mail Volume Incentive Program This incentive program will allow customers to earn substantial credits on new volumes (the credit will be calculated for mail volume above what the customer mailed in the previous year and paid at the end of the program year): • 3.7¢ per piece on regular letters • 4¢ per piece on regular flats • 2.2¢ per piece on non-profit letters • 2.4¢ per piece on non-profit flats To qualify, mailers must be able to demonstrate a two-year history of Saturation Mail, either nationally or within a specific market. Once that has been established, applications can be made through the local Business Mail Entry (BME) manager. The necessary forms can be obtained from your local BME office or at The deadline for applying is Thursday, June 11. 22 MAY - JUNE 2009 a

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Mailing Systems Technology - May/June 2009
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Mailing Systems Technology - May/June 2009