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Software Byte Software-Enabled Workshare Opportunities The Postal Service is enduring unprecedented losses in mail volume. This, combined with the prefunding of retiree health care, has the USPS facing a projected loss of over $7 billion this year. With such unimaginable numbers, it’s no wonder everyone is searching for cost-cutting solutions, including calling into question the elimination of workshare discounts. The relationship between software and workshare discounts is intimate and fundamental. Workshare opportunities provide the financial incentive to license and maintain software, which in turn is continually enhanced to optimally leverage workshare opportunities. The result is more efficiently prepared mail and improved deliverability, which lowers costs and increases the value of mail, respectively: a win-win situation. Software-enabled workshare opportunities fall primarily into three categories: mail preparation, destination entry and the emerging area of electronic postage payment. That latter area, which includes PostalOne! and the Business Customer Gateway, doesn’t necessarily have a direct return on investment as with the preparation and entry categories. However, it certainly speaks to reducing costs for the USPS and thus should be considered an opportunity for cost avoidance. It is also a key component to the Full-Service Intelligent Mail barcode discount opportunities. Imagining the mailing industry without workshare, however, is like asking what would happen if gravity ceased to exist or if there was no oxygen. Workshare discounts are the foundation of our industry — a veritable life force that sustains an ecosystem of mailing service providers, direct marketers, printers, publishers, transportation providers and software vendors. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2009 a

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Mailing Systems Technology - November/December 2009
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Mailing Systems Technology - November/December 2009