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feature GOING WITH THE FLOW Oscar Murray Oscar Murray knows the parcel industry is constantly changing. Luckily, he’s up for the challenge By Amanda Cook Armendariz information systems in conjunction with point-of-origin shipping capabilities and retail compliance expertise in order to reduce inventories, cut transportation costs, speed deliveries and improve customer service for the company’s customers. Murray didn’t really expect to be in a position like this 10 years ago — it’s doubtful that he even thought he’d be in this industry! When he first came to Worcester State College in Massachusetts, he dreamed of becoming an electrical engineer. However, he found that his studies weren’t as interesting to him as he had hoped they’d be, so he switched to computer science as a major instead. A 2000 graduate, he entered the professional world at the height of the dot com craze, and “it was a wild ride for about a year and a half,” he laughs. He worked at Kewill for quite some time, and ironically, the system that he mastered there was a driving force in his hiring at Ditan, although he, of course, didn’t know that at the time. After the dot com market drastically slowed, Murray decided to attend graduate school, where he earned a Management and Computer Science degree. As the IT Manager of Shipping Applications for Ditan Distribution LLC, Oscar Murray has seen it all. “The shipping industry is constantly changing,” he shares. “You have to stay on top of things, because what works one day may not work the next.” This mantra is especially critical for companies like Ditan, a leading Retail Distribution Services provider specializing in direct-to-store distribution of time-sensitive products. The company has a wide customer base comprised of manufacturers, publishers, major retail chains and distributors. Ditan’s theory is to utilize state-of-the-art 16 October 2008

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Parcel - October 2008
Editor's Note
What Would Augello Say?
Best Practices Survey Results
Going with the Flow
Is Your Parcel Network Optimized?
Last (Mile), but Not Least
Moving From Manual to Automated Fulfillment
A Race for Excellence
Making Ends Meet
Is Your Job Killing You?
Software Selection Demystified
Controlling Costs
On the Mark
Product Profile
New Products & Services
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Wrap Up

Parcel - October 2008