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management SOFTWARE SELECTION DEMYSTIFIED It’s not the Twilight Zone By Susan Rider like doubling people count, etc. It is refreshing when an IT executive dictates, “We have our preferences, but ultimately we want our operational people to get the solution that best helps them do their jobs.” After all, IT is a support structure to other areas in the company. You now have much work to do before you start determining what solutions you will review. The next step is to map the process you are using today and be open to a better process. The process flow should be analyzed; are there steps, touch points, walk times, data inputs that can be reduced or eliminated? Benchmark the best in the industry. What features do they have that you could deploy with new software? Look at any paper in your process flow; can it be reduced, combined or eliminated entirely? It is so important to avoid buying software and deploying it over bad processes. The software people don’t care, you have to make sure this step is followed. Now that you have your functional design, you are ready to determine what companies would be the best fit. Some S electing the right partner is as important as selecting the best software. Oftentimes the best software may not be the best partner. It is important to evaluate all aspects of this new partnership to really find the best solution for your business. First of all, who should be on the selection team? If it is just the IT department, this is a selection ready for failure. The IT department should definitely be involved, but the functionality and the productivity gains the business will get for the software should be the primary driver. It’s not uncommon to come across an IT executive that dictates the platform, programming language and the new partner without concern for the benefits of functionality. These implementations are some of the horror stories you hear, 32 October 2008

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Parcel - October 2008
Editor's Note
What Would Augello Say?
Best Practices Survey Results
Going with the Flow
Is Your Parcel Network Optimized?
Last (Mile), but Not Least
Moving From Manual to Automated Fulfillment
A Race for Excellence
Making Ends Meet
Is Your Job Killing You?
Software Selection Demystified
Controlling Costs
On the Mark
Product Profile
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Parcel - October 2008