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product profile ENVISTA’S TRANSPORTATION SERVICES WITH DECADES OF EXPERIENCE, ENVISTA UNIQUELY ADDRESSES ENTERPRISE TRANSPORTATION REQUIREMENTS FROM SOURCE TO CONSUMPTION. OUR TRANSPORTATION OUTSOURCING SERVICES SAVE CLIENTS 15-25% OR MORE A YEAR, TRANSLATING INTO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN ANNUAL SAVINGS. ize significantly better rates and terms. Industry benchmarking and rate analysis can be performed to determine the optimal carrier contract for specific shipment volume and package characteristics. Transportation Outsourcing Services (3PL) enVista uniquely offers comprehensive transportation management services — from strategy and consulting expertise, to designing and enabling systems, to operating systems for our clients who find it more profitable and advantageous to outsource their day-to-day transportation functions. Not only does enVista custom design transportation systems, we also manage daily transportation operations on behalf of our clients. enVista’s managed transportation services include daily transportation planning, execution, event management and visibility, freight audit/accounting and payment as well as reporting. enVista’s Freight Management program is a contract logistics 3PL with a business model based on rate transparency versus build rate markup. While we identify rate savings opportunities and may recommend carrier changes, enVista manages transportation to your contract and carriers contract directly with you. Let enVista’s experts support your transportation leadership so they can focus on the more important, strategic transportation issues facing transportation managers today. Parcel Invoice Audit and Management Services The average company overspends on its parcel shipments due to invoice errors. As a result, companies shipping a high volume of parcel shipments substantially benefit from enVista’s Parcel Invoice Audit and Management Services. enVista’s experienced parcel auditors are adept at identifying invoice errors and working on behalf of our clients to obtain credits for these charges. This service is offered at no additional risk or cost to our clients, who pay us a percentage of the savings we are able to obtain on their behalf. enVista also manages payment of parcel invoices and claims on behalf of our clients. In addition, two and a half to four percent of shipments miss their guaranteed service delivery time and are eligible for a refund of these shipping charges. enVista’s guaranteed service compliance and refund recovery service identifies those shipments and provides the means to quickly recover the refund. Parcel Contract Negotiation Services Due to the volume of client contracts we review and negotiate with parcel carriers like UPS and FedEx, enVista’s contract negotiation services routinely help clients real- 877-684-7700 40 October 2008

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Parcel - October 2008
Editor's Note
What Would Augello Say?
Best Practices Survey Results
Going with the Flow
Is Your Parcel Network Optimized?
Last (Mile), but Not Least
Moving From Manual to Automated Fulfillment
A Race for Excellence
Making Ends Meet
Is Your Job Killing You?
Software Selection Demystified
Controlling Costs
On the Mark
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Parcel - October 2008