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PARCEL 3 Importing goods? Keep this checklist handy. pg 28 Two” or a “SuperRegional?” That is the question. pg 26 and third-party negotiators: The facts. pg 10 OCTOBER 2010 A RESCUE ON THE HORIZON? Maybe not, but the results of part one of our annual survey indicate that for right now, we’ve survived the shipwreck that was 2009. 3 To go with the “Big 3 FedEx, UPS

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Parcel - October 2010

Parcel - October 2010
Going Global
Transportation ABCs
Mastering Management
Regional Alternatives
Practical IT
Best Practices
Ship Right
We Asked, You Answered
Gaining Ground
Staying A oat
Parcel Counsel
Wrap Up

Parcel - October 2010