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[ product profile ] four keys to fitness business success By Pat RigsBy and BRian gRasso As you very well know, being deeply committed and incredible capable as a fitness professional is one thing, but creating a smoothly running, stable, successful fitness business is quite another. A lot of fitness professionals are great service providers; however, most struggle as business operators. To avoid the struggle and stress that most fitness entrepreneurs face, you need four key components in place: An identified tArget mArket — The first component of a successful fitness business is an identified target market. Once you have narrowed this down, everything else becomes easier. You can more easily find your prospects, identify their problems and present your solutions once you know exactly who you want to serve. You can also more easily define what makes you different from your competitors if you’re not trying to be all things to all people. Client flow systems — One of the biggest challenges fitness professionals face is creating a reliable, steady, predictable flow of new clients. A solid client flow system should cover everything from generating new leads and handling incoming phone calls to closing sales and maximizing retention. Having this in place allows you to give more time and focus to providing great service and delivering results, instead of chasing the next client. trAining systems — Training systems are an absolute must when it comes to client retention and satisfaction. Sure, we’re all experts in fitness and programming, but we also all hit the proverbial wall at times and end up doing a lot of the same stuff with our customers. A good training system doesn’t tell you what to do, but it does give you a fantastic template to follow that allows for your own individual creativity without the need of you having to create all the training routines your clients will ever do. Combine that with your obligations in operations and management, and you will literally be looking at a job that has you tied down 23 hours a day! mAnAgement systems — Management systems are required to effectively keep track of your finances, accounting, profit margins and accounts receivable. Without a system in place, you will spend every second of your free time trying to make sense of your revenues and expenditures and will likely experience the ‘fitness entrepreneur headaches’ that often go along with managing this side of your business. As a fitness professional, having these key components in place will allow you to run an efficient business that gives you less stress, is more profitable and allows you to enjoy the type of career you deserve. The Athletic Revolution franchise was created with these components in mind, serving the fastest growing target market in the fitness industry: youth fitness. The youth fitness and sport training market grosses more than $4 billion a year in the United States alone, and over one million children and teenagers hired a personal trainer in the US last year. With demand for youth fitness and athletic development services rapidly growing, there is an extraordinary opportunity for fitness professionals to build businesses that serve this market. If you’d like to learn more about the Athletic Revolution opportunity, please go online to This material does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise. An offer to sell a franchise must be accompanied by a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Pat Rigsby serves as President, and Brian Grasso serves as Vice President of the Athletic Revolution Franchise, which provides franchise opportunities to fitness professionals and facility owners interested in tapping into the youth fitness and athletic development market. For more information, go to june-july2009 · 11

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Personal Fitness Professional - June/July 2009
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Personal Fitness Professional - June/July 2009