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[NUTRITION SOLUTIONS] BY JJ VIRGIN THE BIGGEST SECRET TO IMPLEMENTING AND MAINTAINING A HEALTHY DIET L et’s face it: You can do everything right as a trainer and then watch your client undo your efforts in one gluttonous weekend or via their daily adult coffee milkshake (with whipped cream, please!) habit. e reason I dropped out of my doctoral program in Exercise Physiology (sorry, Mom) to get my PhD in Nutrition was that I recognized that you couldn’t exercise enough to compensate for a poor diet. And when you put “hormonally balanced eating” together with smart cross-training exercise, you had the recipe for metabolic success. Of course, you will need to throw in a good night’s sleep and dump the stress, too. In studying nutrition, the first thing I realized is that this industry is even more mixed up than exercise is. You can tell this just by going to the bookstore. Should your clients be eating raw, vegan, high-carb, fat-free, highprotein, drinking master cleanser drinks??? A confused mind says no and ends up back at the café in the bookstore, numbing their anxiety with a coffee and a cookie. Not knowing which road to take is an excellent excuse for doing nothing at all. But more than this, the last thing that the weight loss really needs is another “diet book.” Most of my clients have a complete library of said books that they have either “tried” (wow, I hate that word) for a week or never even opened. ese books then become a visible reminder of failure, so they aren’t just a waste of money, they are detrimental to your clients’ psyches. e bottom line: Information without accountable action is useless. Here is where you come in. Obviously, the most important thing you can do is get your client into action and then keep them accountable on a regular basis. is is the secret weapon that trainers have over most of the other health care professionals: You see your clients on a regular basis. is means you can monitor their daily habits and hold them accountable as part of your program. Have them keep a journal that they bring in for you to review during the sessions. It’s easy enough to do between sets or during the warm-up. is journal includes their daily meals, water intake and exercise that they have for homework when they are not with you. I also include action steps I am working on with the client, like sleep and taking daily time out for bliss. From a marketing standpoint, implementing daily accountability rocks! Create a journal that you personalize, and give it to them as part of their 90day program. Set goals with them initially and revise monthly. is can easily be done within the time of the workout, especially if you are doing a highintensity interval workout that doesn’t last for an hour, and it sets you apart from other trainers. And which healthy eating program should be followed? Pick one that is backed by science and has loads of proven results, like mine! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that shameless promotion.) JJ Virgin, PhD, CNS, CHFI, is an expert in overcoming weight loss resistance and trains other health care professionals in her program. She is the president of the National Association of Nutrition ProfessionalsWWW.FIT PRO.COM JUNE JULY2009 ( JUNE JULY2009 WWW.FIT PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - June/July 2009
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Personal Fitness Professional - June/July 2009