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By Shelby Murphy Premonitions or messages from the universe can be life-changing. Just ask Beth Shaw, founder of YogaFit. Several jarring inspirations along Shaw’s journey indelibly altered her career path and created YogaFit’s iconic logo, now recognized across the nation. The Answer from Within Struck by a Vision Shaw was a regular in health clubs ever since she was 15. In college, she found herself even more dedicated to working out. One day, as a student at Long Island University, she was in the stretch room of a health club doing a forward fold leg extension when she was struck by an undeniable message, delivered with a jolt of white light. “I knew at that moment that I would be very successful in the fitness industry,” says Shaw. “It was a very profound moment that I still remember like it was yesterday.” At that juncture of her life, nearing graduation with a business administration degree, Shaw didn’t know what to do with such a course-altering message. Rather than acting immediately without clear direction, she made special room for it in the back seat of her soul. Shaw graduated and took an advertising sales job in California. ere she found outward success — a six-figure salary, great health plan and expense account — but she didn’t find significance. “I was very unhappy and literally prayed to the universe to show me the way to something I was passionate about,” says Shaw, who continued to study yoga, as well as personal training and indoor stationary cycling. JUNE JULY2009 WWW.FIT PRO.COM Her prayers were answered again. this time while she rode her bike. Shaw says it was during that ride that the name “YogaFit” popped into her head. Short for “Yoga for the Fitness Industry,” the name YogaFit aptly described a new form of yoga Shaw was developing that linked push-ups, sit-ups and squats with traditional yoga postures. Based on the ancient fitness science of Hatha yoga, YogaFit blends balance, strength, flexibility and power and overcomes the mystery of yoga by leaving behind the Sanskrit names of postures and the traditional chanting. With the divine assurance that she would be successful in fitness and a name to build on, Shaw decided it was time to act. In 1994, SportCenter Fitness in Redondo Beach approached Shaw to create what would be the first “yoga center within a health club.” Together, they converted a former golf room into a yoga center. Shaw ran the entire program, teaching up to 20 classes per week. Expanding from the Core She also created a local cable television show called YogaFit that introduced a wider audience to her more userfriendly form of yoga. Winning the South Bay Producers Guild Award for Programming Excellence in 1995, the show went on to air in New York and other key markets. Soon, some friends who owned an audio book company convinced her to do an audio book as well. Shaw then needed a logo to accompany her new endeavors. She had used a simple character in the proud warrior pose embroidered on some sweatshirts. Instantly, the YogaFit icon was born. e compelling logo

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Personal Fitness Professional - June/July 2009
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Personal Fitness Professional - June/July 2009