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[ NEW ON THE MARKET ] SHELBY’S REVIEW ECO JUMP ROPE If you think a jump rope is just a jump rope, you’ve never tried one that fits you perfectly. at is the advantage of the Eco Jump Rope from Savasa. I tested it at boot camp, and my female campers loved it — because it is for women under 5’4”. ey said the handles felt great, and they enjoyed the easy swing of the rope. And I’m all about anything that will keep campers or clients hopping! RAILYARD KIDS’ COURSE Functional fitness and sports conditioning on the Railyard Conditioning Course is fun and effective. e Course consists of molded plastic rails and e Railyard is used in youth and adult platforms that can be assembled into multiple challenging layouts then quickly disassembled and stored. exercise programs, sports conditioning, group personal training and boot camps. Exercise will improve strength, cardio, balance, coordination, stamina, flexibility, speed, endurance and posture. X-LADDER Power Systems’ three-section X-Ladder allows for multiple agility drill configurations and forward, backward and lateral movement patterns in the same run. e X-Ladder is comprised of one 158” and two 67” sections, which attach with buckles to keep the sections together. Each section has fixed, round rungs made of high-impact PVC to provide instant feedback when stepped on. Carrying bag included., 800.321.6975 BUSINESS MASTERY, FOURTH EDITION Business Mastery, Fourth Edition is specifically designed to support readers on their journey to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. In the pages of this book, readers will find what they need to launch and effectively manage a thriving practice. It includes practical tools to market one’s skills, enhance online presence, effectively negotiate, work smarter, develop alliances, deal with difficult clients, fine-tune communication skills and increase profits., 800.786.4774 FITNESS ACADEMY Life Fitness Academy is a comprehensive, five-step learning solution offering flexible educational tools to empower facility staff and trainers. is blend of e-learning, webinars, and onsite training provides the flexibility to reach a large number of facility staff members. Curriculum includes insight into the biomechanics behind each product line and how the technology directly benefits the exerciser. e program tackles product specification, user setup and proper exercise execution., 847.288.3300 18 JUNE JULY2009 WWW.FIT PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - June/July 2009
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How Much Should I Charge My Clients
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Young at Heart
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The Balancing Act
Exercise Spotlight
Journey to Success
New on the Market
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Fitness Marketing Makeover
Effective Sports Camps

Personal Fitness Professional - June/July 2009