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pick your niche, carve it narrow and deep, and make sure that it serves your passion. getting clients results are top priority. LORI: Most camps that succeed start with a trainer who cares about the outcome of the “troops.” If the trainer is just in for the money, the troops will know it and will seek out someone who cares. e program must also be results-driven. If it is a workout with jacks, squats and push-ups and nothing more, the troops will seek out a program that shows results. Everyone wants to know after several weeks that they have changed. Q: Do you foresee continued demand from independent trainers? How are they maneuvering to stay ahead of the big gyms that offer boot camps as just another revenue stream? LORI: Individual fitness professionals benefit from a boot camp program because, for most, it is their only business. ey can spend most of their business hours growing, promoting and marketing their boot camp company. ey can easily reach out to their communities, local corporations and school districts. Most larger facilities have multiple departments they have to manage and oversee. STEVE: When I first became a fitness professional, prospects would ask me what the difference was between my service and the service at the huge chain gyms. e answer was customer service and quality. It’s very difficult for the big chain gyms to compete on customer service and quality because the best fitness professionals usually get enough referrals to go off on their own. Q: What does 2010 and beyond hold for fitness boot camps? GEORGETTE: I see the boot camp business continuing to grow, with trends leaning to corporate fitness and wellness. LORI: I believe trainers and facilities will continue seeking quality boot camp programming because sooner or later, everyone realizes there has to be a “battle plan” in order to win the war! STEVE: Following evolution of personal training in the very near future, standalone boot camp studios will open. e startup cost is low, and so is the overhead. ey can be opened in a low-cost industrial space, versus expensive retail space. CHRISTINA: It will be more lean; I believe those that don’t have what it takes will fall by the wayside. It seems the kettlebell boot camps might be a wave coming through! Q: What qualities make for a lasting and lucrative boot camp? GEORGETTE: e coach/trainer must not only be comfortable training groups but have high energy; they must be able to think on their feet and adapt to situations quickly. Spend time planning out your vision as well as your specifics (where, when, how); planning your workout programs and | MARCH 2010 | WWW.FIT PRO.COM

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Personal Fitness Professional - March 2010
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Personal Fitness Professional - March 2010