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A practictioner-focused peer reviewed
journal for the health care pharmacist  ISSN: 1545-1569

Volume 54  Number 2  April 2019
The Newly Available FAERS Public Dashboard: Implications for Health Care Professionals
Atul Kumar

lEttEr to thE Editor
Centralized Repackaging of Medications
Edward Timm

authors' rEsponsE
Response to Letter to the Editor on "Centralized Repackaging of Medications"
Ann Marie Parks, Alexander J. P. Radish, Chad Smith, and Anne Graff LaDisa

Formulary drug rEviEws
Danial E. Baker

ismp advErsE drug rEactions
ISMP Adverse Drug Reactions
Michael A. Mancano, Morgan V. Esordi, Darshil D. Patel, and Kristen J. Milenki

original articlEs
Effect of Educational Interventions on Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting
in a Cancer Institute in Japan: A Questionnaire Study
Masami Tsuchiya, Akihisa Esashi, Taku Obara, Kyoko Inooka, Nariyasu Mano, and Chizuko Takamura

Impact of Pharmacy Student-Driven Postdischarge Telephone Calls on
Heart Failure Hospital Readmission Rates: A Pilot Program
Roda Plakogiannis, Ana Mola, Shreya Sinha, Abraham Stefanidis, Hannah Oh, and Stuart Katz

Colecalciferol Initiation Post Minimal Trauma Fracture
Van T. Nguyen , Mary G. Etty-Leal, and Jean T. Hua

Evaluation of Bronchodilator Use During Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease Exacerbation Inpatient Admissions
Sarah E. Petite and Julie A. Murphy

Evaluation of a Multidisciplinary Pain, Agitation, and Delirium
Guideline in Mechanically Ventilated Critically Ill Adults
Melissa Heim, Ryan Draheim, Anna Krupp, Paula Breihan, Ann O'Rourke, Jeffrey Wells, and Jeffrey Fish

Evaluation of Vancomycin Dosing in Patients With Cirrhosis:
Beginning De-Liver-ations about a New Nomogram
Randolph E. Regal, Steven P. Ren, Gregory Paige, and Cesar Alaniz

Warfarin-Induced Skin Necrosis in the Presence of Acute Hepatic Injury and May-Thurner Syndrome
Carrie Tilton, Spencer Livengood, Jeremy Hodges, and Jessica Marshall

rEviEwEr list

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