Hospital Pharmacy - February 2019 - Cover1


A practictioner-focused peer reviewed
journal for the health care pharmacist  ISSN: 1545-1569

Volume 54  Number 1  February 2019
Critical Evaluation of Pharmacy Automation and Robotic Systems: A Call to Action
Anthony M. Boyd and Bruce W. Chaffee

Formulary drug rEviEws
Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate
Terri L. Levien and Danial E. Baker

Pharmacy automation and tEchnology
Cognitive Computing and Watson: Implications for Hospital Pharmacy
Brent I. Fox

critical carE sEriEs
The Assessment and Management Practices of Acute Alcohol Withdrawal: Results of a
Nationwide Survey of Critical Care Pharmacists
Susanne Dyal and Robert MacLaren

original articlEs
Physical Compatibility and Chemical Stability of Injectable and Oral Ranitidine Solutions
Kelly Fleming and Ronald F. Donnelly

The Effect of Performance Transparency on Adherence to Barcode Scanning During Order
Preparation in an Adult Inpatient Satellite Pharmacy
David Merola, John D. Hill, Stephanie Olumba, Rosemary Duncan, Virna Almuete, and Kenneth M. Shermock

The Effect of Pharmacy-Driven Education on the Amount of Appropriately Administered Tetanus
Vaccines in the Emergency Department
Meghan Fletcher, Shannon Rankin, and Preeyaporn Sarangarm

Remote Antimicrobial Stewardship: A Solution for Meeting The Joint Commission
Stewardship Standard?
C. K. Howell, Jesse Jacob, and Steve Mok

A Survey of Opioid Medication Stewardship Practices at Academic Medical Centers
Pamela Phelps, Thomas S. Achey, Katherine D. Mieure, Lourdes Cuellar, Heidemarie MacMaster,
Robert Pecho, and Virginia Ghafoor

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