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SAMPE Proceedings Visit Conference and Exhibition North Charleston, South Carolina October 22-25, 2012 2010 SAMPE Fall Technical Conference & Exhibition October 11-14, 2010 Salt Lake City, Utah Navigating the Global Landscape for the New Composites Advanced Materials and Processes: Enabling the Future Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering SAMPE 2013 Proceedings Education & Green Sky – Materials Technology for a Better World was the theme for SAMPE 2013, which was held in Long Beach, CA May 6-9. The organizing committee developed a technical program featuring new applications and research developments from within the various materials and processes community market applications areas for the conference and these Proceedings. A wide variety of M&P subject areas are covered with topics including computational modeling & simulation, green sky technology, carbon & nanocomposites, manufacturing, and education. Of special interest are the sessions representing the “Green Sky” theme. Those sessions include: Alternative Energy Sources, Alternative Fuels, Automated Fiber Placement, CMCs Space Materials, Green Sky Technology (NASA Green ERA), Natural Fibers & Biomaterials, and Wind Energy. The 250-plus technical papers represented by these sessions are included in these formal Proceedings. The organizing committee would like to extend their gratitude to the authors, session chairs and various volunteers for their contributions to these Proceedings for the benefit of SAMPE and its membership. SAMPE Publishing, 2013, Edited by K. M. Storage, T. M. Storage, N. Titchenal and S. W. Beckwith, ISBN 978-1934551-15-8 available through the SAMPE FTP-site. SAMPE Tech 2012 Proceedings The technical program and its associated Proceedings were developed with a number of conference tracks consisting of rapid processing, sustainable energy, transportation, nanocomposites, classical composites, renewables, and high temperature resin systems. A total of 168 technical papers are contained within the seven technical tracks and are related to the overall conference theme chosen. A wide variety of M&P subject areas are covered with topics such as analysis, damage, nanocomposites and multifunctional composites, nanomaterial property characterization, thermoplastics, and out-of-autoclave processing. Of special interest are the technical papers from the three focused sessions on high temperature resins, featuring papers from Japan and China. Over 20 papers are dedicated to advances in manufacturing. The special Infrastructure track features papers from the automotive, aircraft, aerospace, railroad, marine, and ocean energy industries. SAMPE Publishing, 2012, Edited by H.S. Kliger, B.Q. Lucht, L.A. Pilato, B. F. Schafran and S.W. Beckwith, ISBN 978-1-934551-13-4. SAMPE 2012 Proceedings The 5-track technical program produced complete technical papers in the following track areas: Applications, M&P Support Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Materials Technology and Nanotechnology. Over 250 technical papers are included in their full length within these Proceedings. A number of technical areas included papers from multiple sessions which were expanded within the actual conference program: composites processing, thermoplastics, nanotechnology development, out-of-autoclave/aerospace, composites analysis, inflatable structures, applications in automotive/ground transportation, out-of-autoclave composites/space exploration, testing/test methods, supportability, structural health monitoring, metal matrix composites and armor/ballistic materials. A large number of other traditional materials and process engineering technology areas are also covered in extensive detail with full technical papers. The technical content of these proceedings provides a summary of the current state-of-the-art of materials and their processing from an aerospace, commercial and theoretical prospective. SAMPE Publishing, 2012, Edited by Edited by M. Maher, G.M. Newaz, G. Reyes and S.W. Beckwith, ISBN 978-1-934551-12-7. SAMPE Tech 2011 Proceedings The Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) SAMPE Chapter sponsored a technical program designed for M&P professionals that showcased a compilation of about 140 presentations in six tracks that capture the theme of the conference within these Proceedings. These tracks were: nanotechnology, materials, applications, process18 Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering ing, testing and simulation. In the traditional M&P area, papers include topics such as: high temperature materials, adhesives, resins, bonding, joining, NDI, reinforcements, testing, sandwich construction, automated fabrication, out-ofautoclave processing and matrix science. Further, particular emphasis has been placed on material applications with papers on transportation, wind energy and aircraft applications. In the Nanotechnology area, papers include topics such as: flammability resistance, electrical and thermal properties, fabrication methods, graphene and high-performance resins. Finally, the Proceedings contain extensive information on the topics of adaptive & multifunctional structures, composite design, engineering simulation and damage tolerance. These papers present many very interesting emerging methods and technologies. The DFW area is centrally located, a fact that resulted in significant contributions to these Proceedings from many regions throughout the society. This is in addition to the contributions made by the strong base of local expertise. The combined result is a solid technical set of Proceedings worthy of addition to the knowledge base of the society. SAMPE Publishing, 2011, Edited by W. Chan, J. Koo, P. Oldroyd, P. Sears and S.W. Beckwith, ISBN 978-1-934551-10-3. SAMPE 2011 Proceedings Specific areas of technology included in these proceedings, but are not limited to: materials properties and processing, nanomaterials, tooling, thermoplastics, sandwich and foam core, adhesives, coatings, sealants and surface treatments, vacuum infusion processing, resin and liquid infusion processing, design and analysis, green and renewable materials, elevated temperature, preforms, smart materials, multifunctional materials, out-of-autoclave, repair, fire and flammability, risk management, civil infrastructure, space, recycling and reuse, ceramics, and non-destructive testing. The technical content of these proceedings truly provides a summary of the current state-of-the-art of materials and their processing from the aerospace, commercial and theoretical prospective. Leading edge technology areas are covered completely within the proceedings across a number of well-developed industries and markets, as well as industries and markets currently envisioned to be in a growth mode supporting advanced materials and process engineering. SAMPE Publishing, 2011, Edited by V.P. Bailey, J.C. Leslie and S.W. Beckwith, ISBN 978-1-934551-11-0. 2010 Fall Technical Conference Proceedings An extensive collection of technical papers appropriately reflecting a variety of advanced materials and processes ranging across all levels and market applications. The primary track technology areas that these Proceedings cover, capturing the focus of the theme, were: applications, manufacturing, materials, M&P support technologies and nanotechnology. However, there are a number of obviously associated technology areas that these Proceedings cover as well. Those technical papers fall into the following supported areas: adhesion and adhesives, sandwich/ foam/core structures, carbon fiber materials, out-of-autoclave M&P, nanocomposites technology and applications, thermoplastic composites, modeling and FEA, ballistic and armor applications, aerospace/propulsion/space, green materials and processes, composite matrix chemistry, M&P advances, FST technology, joints/ joining composite structures, multifunctional materials, fatigue and fracture, high temperature resins, NDT/monitoring/repair, alternative energy/wind energy, fiber placement and filament winding, resin infusion/liquid molding, testing materials and structures, and, aligned/discontinuous fiber materials. Within the full range of topics, these SAMPE Proceedings has something for everyone involved with the composites industry. SAMPE Publishing 2010, Edited by J. Berg, D. Buckmiller, D. Fullwood, M. Miles and S.W. Beckwith, ISBN 978-1-934551-08-0. SAMPE Journal, Volume 49, No. 4, July/August 2013

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