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BOOKS/PRODUCTS/PEOPLE BOOKS8 Aesthetic Intelligence: Reclaim the Power of Your Senses by Rochelle T. Mucha, Ph.D. – Mucha offers business insights and strategies gleaned from the world of performing arts to strengthen individual leadership as well as organizational performance. Inspired by intensive research in the theater, the book aims to identify key lessons from what Mucha describes as a deeply embedded culture that would be the envy of any organization. Deep listening, intentional characterization and the ability to synthesize experience and data while acting in real time characterize aesthetic intelligence, according to Mucha. Mucha believes that learning and embedding these capacities will enable business leaders and organizations to create and sustain organizational performance. (BookSurge Publishing, $15.99) No Yelling: The Nine Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership You Must Know to Win in Business by Wally Adamchik – Adamchik draws from real-life experience from those on active duty as well as those in the civilian sector to illustrate how to emulate the leadership principles that are the hallmark of the U.S. Marine Corps. A former Marine helicopter pilot who rose to the rank of major before leaving the corps, Adamchik interviewed more than 100 current and former marines to present the key factors that are at the heart of the Corps’ leadership philosophies. A portion of the proceeds from this book helps injured Marines and their families. (FireStarter Speaking and Consulting, $24.99) Roughneckin’ by Robert F. Bauer – In this autobiography, Bauer reveals how he sparked the development of Global Marine Inc., a company that helped pave the way for deepwater exploration and drilling for oil and gas. The author also describes how Global Marine, under his management, was called on by the U.S. government to help with what has been called Project Jennifer. This mission – conducted by a Global Marine ship, Howard Hughes and U.S. intelligence agencies – secretly raised the remains of a sunken Soviet submarine from 17,500 feet of water in the Pacific Ocean during the height of the Cold War. (BookSurge Publishing, $18.99) 10 | EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM WINTER 2010 http://www.exploration-processing.com

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Preparing for an Economic Upturn
Renewable Funding
Emergency Preparedness Case Study
Slater Controls
quasar energy group
The Crossing Co.
Discovery Drilling Contractors
Mantra Venture Group
Alaska Clean Seas
Peregrine Diamonds
Platinum Group Metals Ltd.
TG Engineering Inc.
Abacus Mining & Exploration Corp.
Advanced Rig Services
Bell Industries Inc.
Canrig Drilling Technologies Ltd.
Cat Construction
Equipment Maintenance Services
Galloway Oilfield Construction Ltd.
Latex Construction Co.
PC Gold Inc.
Spearing Service
Processes Unlimited International Inc.
Global Industries Ltd.
ESG Solutions
Herman Oil Co.
Peat Resources
Innovative Fuels
Juhl Wind Inc.
Kane Instrumentation
MWD Services LLC
Nevada Geothermal Power Inc.
Oski Energy LLC
Paresources Inc.
Powertech Uranium Corp.
Avanti Mining Inc.
BlackBrush Oil & Gas – Texstar Midstream
The Coeur d’Alenes Co.
Vibration Technology Inc.
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Exploration & Processing - Winter 2010