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KANE INSTRUMENTATION BY KATHRYN JONES KANE INSTRUMENTATION IS ONE OF FEW OILFIELD INSTRUMENTATION PROVIDERS THAT HAS HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC AND ELECTRONIC CAPABILITIES. READY FOR THE FUTURE K ane Instrumentation of Edmonton, Alberta, immediately stands apart from other oilfield instrumentation service providers because it is one only of two companies in the industry that offers hydraulic, pneumatic control and electronic services. “Most of our competitors only do the hydraulic and pneumatic end of things, but we go one step further and provide the same equipment as an electronic version, as well,” President Shane Derewianka says. As a result, the company holds the No. 2 spot in market share nationwide, he notes. Prior to starting Kane Instrumentation in 2002, Derewianka worked for Alberta Instrument for 10 years. After the company was acquired by Varco International and its corporate structure changed, he opted to start his own business and invited partner Thanh Tran, shop foreman/inventory control, to join him in January 2003. Their mission? “Essentially, to provide our customers with the best service and products available on the market,” Derewianka says. “When I was working for Alberta Instrument, our focus was to make sure our customers were satisfied, and that’s our primary goal here at Kane, as well,” he explains. “We have Ron Nelson, our sales manager, and our other salesmen visit customers on a regular basis and have one-on-one conversations with them all the time. They can phone in and talk to myself and Tam Phu, our operations manager, without having to go through 10 different channels before they can get where they want to be.” Customers Come First Kane Instrumentation’s personalized customer service and broad spectrum of oilfield instrumentation products keeps the company busy supplying to drilling contractors and well service providers. In fact, Kane Instrumentation intends to open a machining shop in Edmonton. “When we have our machine center, we will be able to manufacture a lot of our products in-house,” Nelson says. “We also want to provide custom machining services.” This will allow the company to “set up the time to produce instead of having to order from the suppliers, and also to customize whatever design the customer requests,” Phu adds. “What makes us stand above our competition is that we provide the best service to our customers. We offer 24/7 support, which helps us very much – especially for our overseas customers. When WINTER 2010 Kane Instrumentation will soon open a machining shop in Edmonton, Alberta, where it will be able to manufacture many of its oilfield instrumentation products in-house. COMPANY PROFILE Kane Instrumentation www.kaneinstrumentation.com 2008 revenues: $2.4 million HQ: Edmonton, Alberta Employees: 7 Service: Oilfield instrumentation Shane Derewianka, president: “We would like to be the best service company in the industry.” 108 | EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM services and products http://www.kaneinstrumentation.com http://www.exploration-processing.com

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