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quasar energy group BY LUKE GILLESPIE quasar energy group recycles organic waste to produce electricity and thermal heat, natural gas or CNG. AT quasar, WHAT OTHERS CONSIDER WASTE IS RECYCLED INTO AN EFFICIENT SOURCE OF ENERGY FOR MULTIPLE USES. MAKING USE OF WASTE O COMPANY PROFILE quasar energy group www.quasarenergygroup.com Headquarters: Cleveland Service: Biomass waste-to-energy conversion quasar energy group: “We provide alternatives to disposal through beneficial use.” 24 | EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM n November 10, 2009, Cleveland-based Schmack BioEnergy announced a formal decision to change the company name to quasar energy group. “Our systems represent an aggregation of the best available technologies from over 30 European providers,” President Mel Kurtz says. A quasar is an extremely distant object from a planet with energy output several thousand times that of our galaxy. “The name quasar more accurately reflects our technological approach and symbolizes the contribution our systems will make to the national renewable energy portfolio,” Kurtz says. Since 2006, the leadership of quasar has invested significant efforts in bringing proven anaerobic digestion technology to the United States and sourcing components through local suppliers. In 2007, quasar’s first facility in Akron, Ohio, began processing 27,777 wet tons of municipal biosolids each year. This accounts for approximately one-third of Akron’s annual biosolids. The company says the facility produces 335 kilowatts of electricity that offsets energy consumed each year by Akron’s compost facility – operated by Kurtz Bros. Composting Services Inc. The facility is located between Akron’s compost facility and wastewater treatment plant. Recently, quasar relocated its laboratory to The Ohio State University’s (OSU) WINTER 2010 http://www.quasarenergygroup.com http://www.exploration-processing.com

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