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ALASKA CLEAN SEAS BY GENEVIEVE DIESING Alaska Clean Seas is a cooperative that provides oil spill services such as cleanup, response training, research and development, and environmental audits. ALASKA CLEAN SEAS SAYS IT DOES MORE WITH LESS IN THE SAFEST MANNER POSSIBLE AS IT WORKS TO CLEAN UP OIL SPILLS ALONG THE ALASKA COAST. CLEANING THE SEAS P COMPANY PROFILE Alaska Clean Seas www.alaskacleanseas.org HQ: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska 2009 budget: $13.5 million Employees: 77 full-time Services: Oil spill management and equipment and environmental maintenance Ron Morris, general manager: “It’s a tough thing – to do the job but do it safely.” 42 | EXPLORATION-PROCESSING.COM rudhoe Bay, Alaska-based Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) is used to getting its hands dirty. This 30-year-old oil spill cooperative provides its 11 member companies along the North Slope of Alaska and the first 167 miles of the TransAlaskan pipeline with extensive oil spill management and response training, oil spill research and development, and day-to-day field environmental and spill response support. The organization has trained members on-call to clean up spills at all times, but ACS employees are kept busy with various responsibilities in the meantime. Among its services are field environmental audits; stormwater runoff management; maintenance of waste generator status, including satellite accumulation areas and RCRA storage sites; oversight and proper manifesting of hazardous waste shipments; participation in environmental management system development and audits; and wildlife hazing and reporting. “We don’t have to wait for spills to be fully engaged,” General Manager Ron Morris says. “At each one of our fields, the folks are busy with day-to-day activities.” The fields are spread more than 100 miles across the north slope, starting from East to West. For access, some require a plane ride or, in the winter, an ice road. ACS is “a little bit different” than most oil spill removal organizations in the United States, Morris says. The nonprofit company works with its member comWINTER 2010 http://www.alaskacleanseas.org http://www.exploration-processing.com

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