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HEALTHY BEAUTY The same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside also play a huge role in how you look on the outside. So it only makes sense that your skin and hair care comes not from a cosmetics company but from a natural nutrition company. With Shaklee, healthy isn’t just a feeling. It’s something that shows. ENFUSELLE® SKIN CARE Cleanse 60 Neutralize 61 . Moisturize/Protect 62 Additional Moisture 63 . Specific Treatments 64 Body Care 66 . MINERELLES® COLOUR COSMETICS Face 67 Eyes 69 Lips 69 NEW! SHAKLEEBABY™ PERSONAL CARE PROSANTÉ® 70 72 HAIR CARE CONTACT US AT 1-800-263-6674

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Shaklee Product Catalogue 2010
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Shaklee Product Catalogue 2010