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Breakfast Retailing Handbook Performance: North America Cereal, Energy and Snack Bars, Q4 2010-Q1 2011 Global Performance n n istockphoto Overall, new product launches decreased by 29 percent this period and by 16 percent year-on-year. Europe remained the most active region, accounting for 38 percent of total launches, followed by North America, with 37 percent. Kosher continued to be the leading claim, accounting for over one-third (34 percent) of launches. Moreover, the vast majority (79 percent) of kosher products were launched in North America. The next most active claims included environmentally friendly package (26 percent); low-/no-/ reduced-trans fat (21 percent, accounting for 61 percent of all such launches); low-/no-/reducedallergen (21 percent; 48 percent of all such launches); and whole grain (20 percent; 54 percent of all such launches). Other leading claims included gluten-free (19 percent, accounting for 54 percent of all such claims); all-natural product, vegan, high-/added-fiber and no additives and preservatives (each with 17 percent; 68 percent of all the all-natural products and 67 percent of all vegan launches); no animal ingredients (16 percent; 65 percent of all such launches); high-protein (15 percent; 58 percent of all such launches); low-/no-/reduced-sugar (14 percent); and GMO-free and organic (eachwith a 13 percent n Performance: North America n share, accounting for 52 percent of all GMO-free lines). Chocolate was the most popular flavor, accounting for 28 percent of launches, followed by peanut butter (13 percent), nut (8 percent), almond (7 percent) and caramel, strawberry and peanut (6 percent each). The category benefits from a somewhat natural and healthy image, given the strong use of grains, fruit and nuts. Companies have been quick to tout healthy attributes, with the high-/added-fiber claim performing especially well. The high-/added-fiber claim saw a 14 percent increase in share of launches, now accounting for almost a fifth (19 percent) of total launches, compared with just 5 percent in the previous period. According to Mintel’s “Cereal and Snack Bars/U.S./ March 2010” report, 38 percent of consumers buy cereal/breakfast bars depending on whether they’re low-fat or -calorie. The low-/no-/reduced-trans fat claim accounted for 13 percent of total launches, low-/no-/reducedsugar for 12 percent, low-/no-/ reduced-calorie for 9 percent, and low-/no-/reduced-fat for 6 percent. Increasing media attention given to the possible dangers of artificial ad- n ditives in food has sparked greater interest in natural products. The no-additives/-preservatives claim accounted for almost a fifth (19 percent) of launches, organic for 12 percent and all-natural for 9 percent. Superfruits, Vegetables, Supergrains and Nuts n Added Fiber n n n n n Many products launched this review period contained cranberry, blueberry, goji and pomegranate. Supergrains are a more recent phenomenon, so their usage remains more limited. Quinoa has been used to a much higher degree in 2010 as consumer familiarity with the grain grows. One of the most significant ingredient shifts occurring in cereal bars over the past few years has been the incorporation of more (and more types of) nuts into bars. ‘Low-in’ Claims Still Important n Green and on-the-go Packaging Almost a fifth of products (19 percent) featured the environmentally friendly packaging claim, with the share remaining steady. n Many bars come in single-portion flow wraps, inherently suited to on-the-go consumption, but some companies are quick to highlight this further with clear on-the-go claims. In the six months under review, 6 percent of products featured this claim. PG For more information, visit or call 800-9320400. n n n Naturalness n September 2011 | | 109

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Progressive Grocer - September 2011
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Cereal, Energy and Snack Bars, Q4 2010-Q1 2011
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Progressive Grocer - September 2011