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CARS Culture 1953 DeSoto Powermaster By Michael Fortuna Alan Stone’s 1953 DeSoto Powermaster doesn’t stay in the garage very long. It’s been a daily driver for more than a decade. Stone, who lives in the Village of Liberty Park, is president of The Villages Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America, where residents who own vehicles 25 years or older (including originals, street rods, muscle cars, classics, and foreign cars) are welcome to join. The club meets at 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month at Odell Recreation Center. For information, call Stone at 750-1169. inform on, in m tion information, call 750-1169. 750 1169. 16 1 Cars & Q. How long have you had the car? . w h A: I’ve had it for 12 years. I got it at a garage sale in Bethpage, N.Y. My wife and I were at a block-long garage sale, and I saw (the DeSoto) in a garage. It was in pieces. The front end was off the car. I asked (the owner) what happened to the car. It was her father’s car, and he passed away. The car had been in the garage for 25 years. Her boyfriend was going to fix it, but they fell out of love. It was sitting there. The car was going to a crusher on Monday. I said, ‘If I give you $200 now, will that stop you from doing that?’ (She agreed.) We saved it from the crusher. (When it was time to take the car home five miles away) it had no gas tank, no brakes. We had the emergency brake. We drained the oil and put in Marvel Mystery Oil, which tends (to make the car) smoke. We got a five-gallon water jug with a hose on the side and duct-taped it to the windshield with the hose going in (to the car). We had to take the car on the main highway in Nassau County. From a distance I see the highway patrol coming up fast. They look over at me, but the cop is laughing. He said, ‘Pull over.’ (But it turned out he was a car fan.) He said, ‘You didn’t see me, and I didn’t see you. Please don’t kill anybody.’ Five years later, I went to a fundraiser for the Nassau County Police Department Five years later, went to fundraiser for the Nass u County v a ater, en fundrais or ndraiser assa C Department par m a museum. Someone said, ‘I know you. Didn’t I museum. Someon said, no you. n’ museum. Someone said, I know y u. Didn’t e Someone said stop you? I’m glad you finally got a gas tank.’ stop you? I’m glad you nally got gas tank.’ t ou? I l d ally lly ank. k MARCH 2012

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The Villages - March 2012