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Villagers Go Road! The Villages Theater Company has been presenting an assortment of plays, both comic and tragic, usually at Mulberry Grove Recreation Center. But for the past three years, some of the members have taken some smaller plays on the road. This offshoot of the theater company led by Roger Hickok has been entertaining clubs and organizations in the area with an assortment of monologues and vignettes. The shows the group offers cover a wide range of topics, mostly with a humorous slant. Myra Crosby joins forces with Mike Veach in “Nightmare in a Sexy Skirt,” where the two get to know each other on their first date. “I’m Mrs. Nightmare,” joked Crosby, a Village of Calumet Grove resident. “She’s very sweet and very crazy. Oh, it’s wonderful (to play her). It’s so freeing because it’s not really me.” Village of Sabal Chase resident Nancy MARCH 2012 on the Sievert can be found in “ Medicare Affair,” A where she plays a “floozy” neighbor who might become part of an affair with a neighbor, played by Hickok. “It’s a chance to be someone other than myself,” Sievert said. The duo also plays one of four versions of “The Bickersons,” but in Hickok and Sievert’s rendition, they perform the program as if it’s a radio show in front of a studio audience. Joyce Schenk performs a monologue called “Mrs. Gilhooly’s Bungaloo” where the Irish woman inherits a few cases of champagne from her former employer, and she proceeds to drink some of it. “I like to do accents, and it’s fun to do an Irish accent,” said Schenk, who lives in the Village

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The Villages - March 2012