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Gary Hoops, our Villages Golf Star winner, has begun his journey under the watchful eye of Rob Shaffer, Player Development Director/Manager of The Villages Golf Academy. He experienced a skills challenge that tested all aspects of his short game scoring abilities. “Rob put me through an extensive battery of tests to identify my strengths and weaknesses,” said Hoops. “It was very interesting to say the least and not quite what I expected. I am excited to review the results with him and learn how we will move forward.” The Villages Golf Academy uses tools like the short game skills test to evaluate a player’s current skill level. Golfers of all levels will get an accurate indication of where they are and it will help them improve so they gain confidence both on and off the green. “It is a very fun and effective program. The best thing about it is that anyone can do it,” Shaffer said. Participants are tested on distance wedges, pitching, chipping, putting and bunker play. The skills are measured by a scoring system based on the distance the ball rests from its intended target. It consists of roughly 10 shots per station and will test you with every stroke. The closer you get, the better your point total. The better your point total, the lower your scoring handicap will be; the lower your scoring handicap, the better your score will be when you play. While there are several resources out there that show you how to play and hit specific shots, there are few places like The Villages that have the facilities where you can practice and receive instruction from a highly trained group of golf professionals like the staff at The Villages Golf Academy. “Once players come down and Bunker — One of the easiest experience the programs we have to shots in golf. Take 10 shots from offer, they will be able to enjoy them on any lie. Grip down, weight left, their own or with friends and we know ball slightly forward. it will create a passion and enjoyment Thump the sand. Get it close. for the game of golf,” Shaffer said. MAY 2012 Short Game Skills Test Examples of the Short Game Skills Tests

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The Villages - May 2012
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The Villages - May 2012