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CHOLESTEROL BY THERESA Controlling Your CAMPBELL Banks Swan began to notice his cholesterol levels were increasing as he aged. Working a taxing, demanding job before retirement didn’t help, either. 340 320 360 240 220 200 180 160 Health Cholesterol “I had a stressful job as a high school principal,” recalled the Village of Springdale resident, who retired from Davenport West High School in Davenport, Iowa, after being in the education field for more than 36 years as a teacher, coach and administrator. “Usually my cholesterol was in the 180s,” Banks said. He knew a total blood cholesterol reading of under 200 is desirable, as it’s what doctors and the American Heart Association advise to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Banks was stunned when his total cholesterol level jumped to 240 — a figure that placed him in the high-risk category for a heart attack, since too much cholesterol can build up in the bloodstream and restrict blood flow. “I was running about four miles a day and working out, and my cholesterol was still up,” he recalled. He sought help from Dr. Larry Foster, a board-certified family physician at Leesburg Family Medicine, which has an office in The Villages. “It’s not your fault,” Banks recalled of the doctor’s words. “Blame Mom and Dad.” Genetics, the Villager was told, plays a big role in one’s cholesterol. JULY 2008 Banks Swan

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The Villages - July 2008