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FA L L Get the Scoop From The Villages Expert On Fall Planting BY ERIK L. KNUDSEN PHOTOS BY ROB WILKERSON FALL GARDENING TIP High potash fertilizers sometimes are known as “winterizers” and should be used in the fall/autumn turf fertilizer applications. There is much research supporting this and here are a few of the reasons. Potassium is utilized by plants in large amounts second only to nitrogen as part of the growing process. It is important for proper root growth, heat, cold and drought tolerance, environmental stress resistance such as foot traffic, and internal water management. Without enough potassium, and at the right time, your turf may not be prepared for a colder than average winter or for times when it does not receive the optimum amount of water for one reason or another. One way to ensure your turf is not shorted on potassium is to avoid removing your grass clippings. They will break down naturally anyway and studies show that by leaving them on your lawn you may reduce the yearly need for extra applications of potassium by 2 to 2.5 pounds per thousand square feet of lawn. It may save you a few bucks and it is better for the environment. Erik L. Knudsen, The Villages Landscape Manager SEPTEMBER 2011 ▼

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The Villages - September 2011
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The Villages - September 2011