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PETS ErnTr Po e C Ask Question: How can I get my dog to stop barking? Kramer 2 1/2-year-old Jack Russell terrier Buddy 7-year-old Peke A Poo Q: Do you share any personality traits with your dog? “Both dogs have some of my personality because we are together so much. Buddy is very laid back, and Kramer is hyper— like I am sometimes.” Adele Barry Village of Country Club Hills Answer: While barking is normal and a natural means of communication for dogs, your neighbors may not appreciate listening to your dog communicate. Dogs bark for many different reasons including greeting, play, attention seeking, herding, territorial defense, distress and anxiety. If your dog is barking excessively, you first need to determine the motivation behind the vocalization. If your dog is a social barker (barking in response to other dogs barking or associated with play), you should increase non-vocal play and exercise and remove your dog from the stimuli. If your dog is seeking attention (the dog receives something for barking, such as a treat, toy, positive or negative attention), remove any reinforcement for barking. Anxiety-related barking and territorial barking are best controlled with the help of a professional, as sometimes desensitization and counter conditioning are needed. Never reward barking with attention, food or play and don’t release a dog from his/her crate for barking unless he/she is in distress. Young dogs should be socialized to be accustomed to sounds, situations and people that might initiate barking. Basic obedience training will help you control your dog in possible barking situations. In addition to basic obedience, teaching a quiet command will help in situations that you are present. You may be able to work with your dog to discontinue the barking; however, in some instances a professional may be necessary to help control the behavior. You may contact your veterinarian or dog trainer, depending on the motivation for barking. In some instances the problem is so severe that a veterinary behaviorist is needed. Lani J Mills, DVM If you have specific or related questions, contact your veterinarian for advice. Q: Do you share any personality traits with your dog? “Yes, we are both very ” regimented in our schedules!” Bobbie Roberts Village of Silver Lake Imp 6-year-old Parti poodle

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The Villages - September 2011
Golf Your Age
Fall Polo Preview
Camp Villages
Queens Make a Difference
Fall Gardening
Golf Memories
Baseball Card Show
Barnes & Noble Top 10 List
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The Villages - September 2011