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HEALTH Improve Your Golf Game with lower-back strengthening exercises BY LIVI STANFORD Greg Hanson Greg Hanson has played competitive sports all his life, including the game of golf. The Village of Winifred resident says one thing alone has kept him relatively injury free all these years: consistently doing stretching and lower-back strengthening exercises. No matter what sport he participates in, he always makes sure to stretch before beginning. But above all else, he said it is critical to do lower-back strengthening exercises at least three times a week. “Regularly, you need a flexible back for golf,” Hanson said, explaining that it is critical for the back’s frame. “The back is the most important function of your body.” Several of those lower-back strengthening exercises include “the Superman” with alternating lifts, in which one lies on the floor arms and legs outstretched, alternately lifting the opposite arm and leg; one-armed row, using dumb bells; a complete hip stretch; and the wood chop, where using a weighted ball or other weight, you place it across your left knee, bringing your arms into the air, and swing it to your right shoulder. Kristin Coleman, fitness manager at MVP Athletic Club, said the exercises are critical for any golfer who wants to continue to improve in the sport. NOVEMBER 2011 “Golf is very core specific,” she said. “That is where the flexibility in the rotation comes from. It is also where the strength is needed in the power of the swing.” In building up one’s core, Coleman said it was especially important to focus on the oblique and waistline muscles. “You need to have a strong abdominal for posture,” she said. Often, Coleman said, many members say they have experienced golf pain from what she attributes to a “weak, low back.” As a result, she explained it could affect a golfer’s over all game. “Their movement is limited, because their flexibility is limited,” she said. That is why, she emphasized, it is crucial to have a strong core. “The stronger the total body, the more power behind the swing,” she said. The posture held in the game of golf, she explained, is weighted particularly on the lower-back — stressing that it must remain strong.

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The Villages - November 2011
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The Villages - November 2011