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BY DAVID R. CORDER Surrounded by pastels draped in her store, Corda Oehling took a moment recently to look back on year of good fortune. Earlier this year, the Village of Summerhill resident risked a new business venture — purchasing The Turtle Bay women’s fashion store in Spanish Springs Town Square. What entrepreneurs like Oehling discovered this year in The Villages defied results that markets elsewhere produced in a beleaguered national economy. Despite a soft U.S. economy, business flourished this year in The Villages. Some of the biggest names in the retail, restaurant and medical industries staked claims in the community even as the economy waned elsewhere. “It’s exceeded what I ever thought it would become,” Oehling said about her experience. Yet, the success is not so surprising to Oehling, as she reflected on just why the community this year exhibited such market resilience. “Honestly, it’s just because there is no place else like The Villages,” Oehling said. “This is like a dream world that you never thought would happen. That’s what I really believe The Villages is.” MAGAZINE

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The Villages - December 2009
Business Booming in 2009
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The Villages - December 2009