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Sadly, most organizations simply have it .drawkcab How Organizations Invest in Learning: Actual Job Experience How People Actually Learn: It’s true. Old assumptions about employee learning cost a ton of money, and often go nowhere — fast. But how do you maximize resources while helping your employees intuitively access the information they need? And how do you make their learning process easier? 10% Learning from Others 20% Actual Job Experience We’ve discovered — and designed — a way forward. Intrepid Agile™ combines diverse, evidence-based informal learning methods with powerful technology that’s fast, flexible, and incredibly efficient. And it maximizes your training dollars. Since over 70% of real learning happens outside the classroom, why spend more on classrooms? Or stacks of manuals? Let Intrepid Agile provide a more natural on-the -job learning environment that gets results — leading your organization onward. 70% Courses and Reading 70% Learning from Others 20% Courses and Reading To learn more, click here: For a personal consultation, call us at: 877.866.4457 10% Lombardo, M.M., Eichinger, R. W. (2010) “Career Architect Development Planner” (5th ed.) Minneapolis: Lominger International

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012

Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012
From Where I Sit: The Age of Personal Learning
Table of Contents
Ad Index
The Discipline of Instructive Coversation
Real' Learning: The Role of Context
Context, Connectivity and Community
Don't Be Afraid of Feelings in the Workplace
Peer-to-Peer: The Future of Learning
User-Generated Content
It's All About the Social. Or is it?
Informal Learning: The Dawn of a Profitable New Era
Harvesting Creativity through Social Media
Connect, Learn, Share, Innovate: How to Begin Your Social Media Journey
Casebook: Marriott: Accommodating IT Training
How Long Does it Take to Get Fully Productive?
Tweet Suite
Company News
Closing Arguments: The Social Network

Training Industry Quarterly - Winter 2012