Training Industry Magazine - September/October 2018 - 32


Training ensures people are competent at their position. And where competence lives so does confidence. Confidence
breeds the pride and enthusiasm necessary for outstanding performance, constant and never-ending improvement, and
the momentum that fuels an aligned organization.
To play at the top, we must go beyond
great strategy, product differentiation
and innovation. High-performance teams
have these three elements in common:

1. Inspiring leadership:
Leaders that engage the human spirit
inspire their teams to greatness.

2. Talent alignment:
Strategy comes to life only when
everyone is working for a common goal.

3. Training as a strategic
competitive advantage:

of training as an organizational strategy.
Often it is viewed as a tactical obligation.
When we change our perspective and
think of learning as a key component
of strategic advantage, we begin to
discover how to make our talent (our
greatest expense, risk and challenge)
into a market differentiator nearly
impossible to duplicate.
Behavioral change is challenging on
many levels, as most humans like things
to stay the same. They may want change,
but they want you to change, not
themselves! It is a reality that training
leaders deal with daily.

Learning that engages and changes
human behavior is the fuel behind
great teams.

Competencies that
Drive Results

We all know we need solid training
programs, but few organizations think

Thousands of hours of study, research,
modeling, and analysis of organizational

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behavior resulted in a method for
coaching people to their potential.
Through this study, three critical
components were identified that predict
competency potential and determine a
team's ability to deliver results.
This goes against conventional wisdom
where competency models are pages
long; but when we look at competency
with these three elements as the focus,
training becomes more manageable and
targeted to affect the behaviors (skills
and processes) that consistently drive
results. Ensuring competency is the most
significant step we can take as we shift
training programming to be an integral
piece of our overall strategy. Training isn't
a department, it's a culture.
Mindset. The first and most important
piece of ensuring competency is
mindset: the positivity and commitment


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