Stine Seed Catalog 2012 - (Page Intro)

SEED | TRAITS | TECHNOLOGY | SERVICE demands a choice You have a choice; your farm has a choice. Standard no longer exists. Fields demand seeds that can handle the elements and still deliver a strong yield. Stine giveS You that choice. Your field We know that you understand your farm, your field and your soil — Stine Seed is committed to providing you with the widest variety of seeds so you can make the smartest decison for your farm. LEARN MORE AT STINESEED.COM FACEBOOK.COm/stinEsEEd @stineseed http://www.STINESEED.COM http://www.STINESEED.COM http://www.FACEBOOK.COm/stinEsEEd

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Stine Seed Catalog 2012

Stine Seed Catalog 2012
Table of Contents
Stine® Numbering System
Genuity® YieldGard VT Triple PRO™ Corn
Agrisure® 3000GT Corn
YieldGard VT Triple® Corn
Agrisure® GT/CB/LL Corn
Herculex® I Corn
Roundup Ready® Corn 2
Conventional Corn
LibertyLink® Soybeans
Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybeans
Roundup Ready® Soybeans
Corn Maturity Zones Map and Soybean Planting Chart

Stine Seed Catalog 2012