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MAILBAg DEAR SPLASH, I know you are always looking for tidbits. How is this one? At the Central Zones Championship at the Spire Institute Aug. 2-4 in Geneva, Ohio, Hannah Foster of the Ohio’s Cincinnati Marlins and Julia Newbould of the Lake Erie’s Swim Strongsville – two 13 year olds – entered the 50 free with same meet entry time of 27.87. During the Saturday morning prelims, in two separate heats, the girls tied with a time of 27.95. Then, during finals – out of lanes 2 and 6 – the girls tied again, finishing fourth in 27.74. It was a best time for both swimmers. What are the odds and chances of that happening? It is a unique way to form a friendship. They are looking forward to competing against each other in short course when the Swim Strong team will be traveling south to Cincinnati for the Marlins’ meet in January. Tom Newbould Treasurer, SwimStrong DEAR SPLASH, Here’s a photo of the Crow Canyon Sharks of Danville, Calif., posing with Ryan Lochte at the Arena Santa Clara International Grand Prix. This photo was taken by Jillian Ruppenstein, Pacific Swimming. Splash (Issn 1099-8306) is published bi-monthly by Usa swimming, and is mailed at the periodicals postage rate at colorado springs, colo., and additional mailing offices. address Changes Postmaster: Send address changes to: Splash, 1 olympic Plaza, colorado springs, co 80909-5770. Usa swimming members who change their address need to inform their Lsc Registration chair. subsCripTions one-year subscriptions of Splash are available for non-Usa swimming members for $15 (within the continental U.s.) and $25 (outside the continental U.s.). disClaimer member safety is a top priority for Usa swimming, which will continue to publish articles promoting swimming safety. however, Usa swimming cannot and does not accept responsibility for the content of any information or material not authored by the staff of Usa swimming. all opinions stated in any such materials are solely those of the author or authors and are not necessarily the opinions of Usa swimming. leTTers To The ediTor to be published, letters to the editor for Splash need to include the author’s name and phone number, city, club and local swimming committee. Usa swimming reserves the right to edit letters to the editor. ConTaCT splash 1 olympic Plaza colorado springs, co 80909-5770 719.866.4578 719.866.4049 f splash@usaswimming.org Meg MacGregor Via email DEAR SPLASH, James Pan, Nick Topalof, Hayden Zheng and Jackson Brown (pictured, left to right) recently set the Minnesota 9-10 boys age group long course record in the 200 medley relay and 200 free relay with times of 2:22.87 and 2:05.94, respectively. They swim for Aquajets Swim Team and are coached by Sue Sathre (in the middle). Credits PubliSher: chuck Wielgus editor-in-chief: Jim Rusnak art director: matt Lupton GraPhic deSiGn: Yong Yi Pan Minnesota Kelsey Zimcosky michael mejia, bonnie moss, Gina Perry, bob schaller, chris Rosenbloom, aimee Kimball, mia bolton, mike Gustafson, emily sampl, Garrett Weber-Gale, mike Watkins, alicia Kendig, Rachel Lutz, Kelsey savage hays, olivier Levoy Photographers: Getty Images coVer Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images Print: sport Graphics, Indianapolis, In ©copyright: 2013 Usa swimming, Inc. DEAR SPLASH, Our Virginia Gators 9-10 girls’ relay team has some exciting news. They are the proud new owners of three Virginia state records (200 medley, 400 free and 400 medley). They achieved these records in July at the VSI-LC-AG championships in Christiansburg, Va. The 200 medley record dated back to 1985. Photo from left to right: Kemper John, Miranda Kirtley, Ella Higgins and Caroline Summerlin. SPLASH • SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 coPY deSK: contributors: DEAR SPLASH, My name is Maddy Brown. I’m 10 years old, and I recently completed the Alcatraz Challenge. This is a 1.5 mile open water swim race from Alcatraz Island to Chrissie Field in San Francisco. I swam with my father and a lot of my friends from my swim team, the Seaside Dolphins in Seaside, Calif., and I finished first in my age group. Attached is a picture of our team’s swimmers. Maddy Brown Seaside Dolphins 6 Jessica Viss Paul Higgins Roanoke VA It is a GReat day to be in the Justin case Secret brigade. and there are a GIant Lot of new members to cram in here. I hid a bunch of new heads, plus a piece of cheese, two dogs, and a tarantula along with my buddy moose in this issue. lucy V., Julia P., Will G., Julie b., tobe o., benjamin S., andy M., beatrice o., nathanael J., Sabrina S., caleb c., adriana c., faith P., alayna c., Sarah K., nyssa, Miryam G., azahn h., holly b., adam, and ellie a.,: yoU aRe aLL In. If you’ve just now discovered the tiny type and want in on the JcSb, send me an email: justincase@usaswimming.org, and put “noof Glibble” in the subject line. send me your head and I’ll hide it in the magazine, unless of course, I get eVen moRe crazed Jcsb heads than I can hide and then I haVe no Idea What I’LL do. If you have deck Pass, scan the QR code down below and get your JcSb patch right now, because it will make you smell like a meadow of fresh flowers. except not. but it’s a pretty sweet patch. Peace out, JcSb!

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