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Steve DIY treMolo SMartphone FretprIntS MorSe Box tunerS toM Morello roBBen Ford elliot easton “The GuiTar Show” GibSonS Ana Popovic MeMphis via Belgrade Get Geared! Magnatone Twilighter, Fargen John Lennon, Rybski Cougar, Tremcaster Single 90, Carvin AE-185-12, Henrickson JazzAmp, Roland V-20 DAD’s DAy 2013 Buzz and Frank rogers ’60s Harmony Basses martin “12-Fret” 000-42 CHarvel model 4 traynor yBa-2 Bass mate August 2013 Vol. 27 No. 10 Paul Quinn J.d. simo Brian ray $5.99 U.S./Canada

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Vintage Guitar - August 2013

Vintage Guitar - August 2013
Reader Mail
News and Notes
Brian Ray
Ask Zac
Paul Quinn
VG on facebook
Steve Morse
Robben Ford
J.D. Simo
Elliot Easton
Wood, Wire, and DNA: A Dad’s Day Talk With Buzz and Frank Rogers
Dad’s Day 2013: VG's Annual Ode to Fathers Who Inspire
Ana Popovic
Etched in Time
The Charvel Model 4
The Traynor YBA-2 Bass Mate
Vintage Guitar Price Guide
Martin’s “12-Fret” 000-42
The (Way) Back Beat
Dan's Guitar Rx
Shop of Hard Knocks
Builder Showcase Lickliter Amplification
Upcoming Events
Dealer Showcase
Vintage Guitar Classified Ads
The VG Hit List
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Advertiser Index
Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
Gearin' Up!
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Vintage Guitar - August 2013