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NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES ANTENNAS Laird Releases Two New Products for the Public Safety Industry Laird has released two new products for the public safety industry, a UHF Wideband Antenna and an elastomer spring for mobile coil antennas. The B3803WS UHF Wideband Antenna is a high-performance mobile coil whip antenna. As a wideband antenna, it eases interoperability issues while still maintaining antenna performance. It features 3 dBi of gain and covers the full UHF band from 380 to 520 MHz, and it is also easily installed on a permanent NMO mount. The B3803WS requires no field tuning, resulting in a hassle-free setup. This antenna also features a special UV treated radome that resists sun damage and is well suited for use on vehicles in harsh environments. The new elastomer spring provides increased flexibility and better shape retention due to its EPDM rubber body. It also reduces electronic and road noise when compared to stainless steel springs. New mobile coil antennas can be ordered with the elastomer spring or the new spring can be ordered separately and interchanged with Laird’s stainless steel spring on any field-deployed antenna. Navigation Antenna Now Includes 5 GHz Wi-Fi Pulse Electronics Corp. has introduced its new vehicular mount antenna for 3G, 4G long term evolution (LTE), WLAN and GPS applications. The GPSDM700/5800SSS (black) and GPSDMW700/5800SSS (white) offer improved gain over multiple frequency bands. By including 5 GHz bands, from 5150 MHz to 5850 MHz, the complete range of IEEE802.11a/b/g/n bands are included in a single device for WLAN applications. Wider frequency bands (698-960/1710-2170/2300-2700/2400-2485/51505850/1575 MHz) are covered in one compact 3.5 inches tall, 4.16 inches diameter at base antenna. This antenna is well suited for voice, mobile video data, fixed broadband, navigation, asset tracking, fleet management, LTE, and 700 MHz public safety applications. Availability of the antenna in black or white allows inconspicuous placement on fleets. The broader 698-960 and 1710-2170 MHz bands have a gain of 3 dBi, while the 2,300 to 2,700 MHz WLAN band has a gain of 6 dBi compared to the industry standard 2 and 4 dBi. The 2,400 to 5,850 MHz Wi-Fi band has a gain of 6.5 dBi. The GPS antenna/LNA gain at 3V is 5 dBic/25 dB and at 5V is 5 dBic/30 dB. The GPSDM700/5800SSS are rugged, aesthetically pleasing antennas with UV and IP-65 protection to ensure a long, reliable, maintenance-free life. They are RoHS compliant. These direct-mount antennas can be mounted through a 0.75 inch hole. The antenna mount can accommodate up to a 0.625 inches thick surface. New Addition to SiRFstarIV Family of GPS Module Solutions Richardson RFPD, Inc. has announced immediate availability and full design support capabilities for a new SiRFstarIV GPS module from Maestro Wireless.The A2235-H is Maestro Wireless Solutions’ next generation of active GPS modules. It integrates a cost-effective GPS receiver with an on-board patch antenna located above the device components, resulting in a 17.8 mm by 16.5 mm footprint. This versatile, stand-alone receiver offers improved sensitivity and position accuracy, and because it is an easy to integrate complete GPS sub-system, it results in lower manufacturing costs and faster time-to-market. It is well-suited for a wide range of automotive, consumer and industrial applications. For more antennas, visit 20 Antenna Systems & Technology Fall 2013

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