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SHOPPING Joan Hansen-Eldred the nest egg “I have vacationed many places and there is no where more beautiful that the Finger Lakes.” { Small-town hospitality and boutique shopping go hand-in-hand. } { ImagIne the treasures to be found In a county full of artIsans and craftspeople. Whether strollIng doWn the hIstorIc streets of doWntoWn penn yan or amblIng along one of the county’s country roads, you’ll fInd a remarkable varIety of handcrafted goods and collectIbles. gift shops, antique shops and cozy mennonite shops open their doors on a year round basis to offer many items not found in other corners of the world. Local artists, potters, Bakers and gourmet food produCers provide a kaleidoscope of gift ideas, interesting collectibles and one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Browse along our tree-shaded streets, drive along our sCeniC BaCk roads or travel the wine trails of the region and at every corner and bend you will find another surprise. wineries offer interesting gift shops, complete with an array of epicurean delights and world-class vintages. gift shops offer such nationally-recognized names as Yankee Candle and Christopher radko ColleCtiBles . our antique shops often have family treasures tucked away, just waiting to be discovered. n 8 w w w.Yatesn Y.com http://WWW.YATESNY.COM

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2011 Yates County Travel Guide
Past Times
Keuka Lake Spotlight
Seneca Lake Spotlights
Yates County Spotlights
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2011 Yates County Travel Guide