SGIA Journal Gearment Edition: Winter 2014 - (Page Cover1)

The Journal of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association | 2014, Volume Two, Winter Old-School Screen Printing LED Drying Temperature Inks & Gels Separations Printed Wearables Lessons Learned Glitter, Shimmers New Products

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of SGIA Journal Gearment Edition: Winter 2014

Old-School Screen Printing in the Digital Age
LED There Be Light: The Newest Exposure Light Source
Effects of Drying Temperature on Screen Tension
What Glitters Is GOLD: Highest Honors Given to Winning Golden Image Competition Entrants
Special Effects
High Density Inks & Gels
First to Know
What Is Going On With the Affordable Care Act?
Tweaking Separations for Better Quality and Faster Production
The Corner Office
What You Need to Know About Printed Wearables
Industry Analysis
Who We Are Now — Lessons Learned from SGIA’s 2013 Industry Data
Special Effects
Glitter, Shimmers & Metallic Inks
Member Resources & News
New Products

SGIA Journal Gearment Edition: Winter 2014