SGIA Journal Fall Garment Edition - (Page Cover)

The Journal of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association | 2013, Volume One, Fall T-shirt Evolution New Ink Chemistries Heat Hierarchy Onshoring Soft Signage Embroidery Win-Win Partnerships Industry Analysis The Corner Office Puff Inks Right-to-Know

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of SGIA Journal Fall Garment Edition

From Underwear to Every-Wear: A Brief Evolution of the T-Shirt
Navigating New Ink Chemistries
Heat Hierarchy: Transfers, Applied Vinyl and More
Onshoring — the Next American Apparel Revolution?
Moving Into New Markets: Apparel to Soft Signage
Trends, Techniques and the Competitive Advantage of Embroidery
The Corner Office
Creating Win-Win Partnerships With Customers
Industry Analysis
Equipment Purchases Strong Among Garment Decorators
Printing With Puff Inks
Right to Know
Right to Know Training Is Changing — Are You Ready?
Member Resources & News
New Products
New Members

SGIA Journal Fall Garment Edition