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feature Nanography™ and Nanotechnology: A Primer Editor's Note: Nanography is an emerging technology that has been widely discussed as "next-generation printing" in both the commercial printing and product packaging sectors. While the long-term viability of the technology has yet to be proven, the SGIA Journal has chosen to highlight it in this introductory article. As we see it, nanography has the potential to affect certain areas of the specialty graphics industry currently served by either inkjet and wet, or dry toner systems. One of the many goals of the SGIA Journal is to inform the specialty graphics community of significant, emerging technologies so they can make the best decisions for their businesses. Will your company adopt nanography at a future date? Maybe, maybe not. Should you understand it today? Absolutely. Nanotechnology was a mystery to most of us in the graphic arts-related industries until the spring of 2012. Until then, most of us knew it as a field of science that manipulated ultra-small particles for use in advanced medicine and personal electronics. And then, quite suddenly, nanotechnology became the talk of the graphic arts industry. Benny Landa, inventor of the Indigo Digital Press and known as the father of digital printing, led a team of engineers in Israel in figuring out how to employ nanotechnology How Nanography Works to greatly advance print technology and its The Nanographic Printing Process™ starts related economics. with the ejection of billions of droplets onto a heated offset conveyor blanket. What is Nanography? The droplets are not ejected directly onto Many materials, when reduced to the substrate, however instead, they are nanoparticle size, acquire unexpected ejected onto a blanket positioned one to properties. Some particles become super- two millimeters away from ink ejectors hard, with the ability to protect surfaces mounted on print bars. The ink drop from abrasion; some become super-absorbent ejection onto the blanket is precisely timed in the blood stream, enabling unique drug to obtain very high accuracy between print delivery systems. separations and achieve high color plane In the course of a decade of research, registration. Landa observed that ink pigments, when Landa NanoInk droplets dry to form a reduced to nanometric scale, become 500nm polymeric film. unusually powerful colorants. On the basis As each ink droplet lands on the heated of this discovery, Landa created both Landa blanket, it spreads and very quickly loses NanoInk™, a proprietary ink comprised its water, becoming thinner as it does so. of water and nano-pigment particles that When all of its water has been evaporated, measure tens of nanometers in size; and the ink becomes an ultra-thin, dry Nanography™, the special printing process polymeric film on the blanket. that could utilize the unique properties of Landa Nanographic Printing™ Presses Landa NanoInk. are equipped with eight print bars that each Nanography bridges the profitability print a specific color, capable of printing gap with a strong combination of lower up to eight different colors. Furthermore, operating costs compared to offset, plus the print bars can be employed for CMYK, far higher speeds and wider media support spot or specialty colors compared to digital. It's a solution that such as white. enables print providers and converters to use The eight print bar digital printing for mainstream applications. configuration allows having two color bars Kristof Dekeukelaere, Regional Sales Manager -North America, Landa Digital Printing Visit SGIA at SGIA Journal ■ November/December 2013 | 15

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How to Survey Your Print Customers
Nanography™ and Nanotechnology: A Primer
How to Select Your Next Wide-Format Printer, Part II
Determining & Nurturing Your Areas of Opportunity
UV LED Printing: Will Your Business Be Left Behind?
Making Big Decisions: Will Doing Nothing Destroy Your Business?
MIS: Is Your System Working For You or Against You?
Sustainability and Media
Standardization and Process Control in Wide-Format Printing: Why It Will Change Your Life (And Make Your Customer Happy)
Test the Water Before you Commit with SGIA's Digital Equipment Evaluations
How CorelDRAW® Can Help Transform Your Sign Shop
A Time for Leadership: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century
Extracting Lessons from SGIA’s 2013 Industry Data
New Products
UV LED Technology & the 2013 SGIA Expo
The Ins and Outs of Color Management
SGIA Bestows “Product of the Year” Designation on Top Entries at 2013 SGIA Expo

SGIA Journal November/December 2013