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profile UV LED Technology & the 2013 SGIA Expo SGIA's Lia Milgram recently sat down with Ken Hanulec, vice printers that use a lot less energy. The traditional UV curing president of Marketing with EFI, a 2013 SGIA Expo Platinum was done by quartz halide lamps. Quartz halide - it's a very Sponsor and 2014 SGIA Expo Gold Sponsor Mimaki's Paul intense light that gets very hot. We've never had an LED lamp McGovern, marketing and promotions manager to discuss UV failure in five years. We have not failed. They come instant LED technology and its place within specialty imaging and at on, instant off. Quartz lamps, have to regenerate themselves, the 2013 SGIA Expo and take four minutes to come up to power. They cannot turn Here's what they had to say. off and on that quickly. The advantage is there. Lightweight, SGIA: Talk to me a little about UV LED technology, and its advantages and benefits. Ken Hanulec, EFI: The way the majority of UV printers work today, they work by using heat to cure. Heat is a very disrup- easy to use, less energy (at least 37 percent less energy) than any conventional lamp, so you save power. Environmentally friendly. You have to replace quartz lamps every 800 to 1000 hours, tive process. Thin medias don't like heat; when you apply heat and that costs up to $600. So whatever bulb technology you're to cardboard, it tends to bow, so there are some challenges using, the quartz technology, not only is it super hot, but it when you use heat to cure. We came out with a system; that can warp and bend substrates. Again, with the LED, you're not features a combination of the printer, the software, the ink replacing for five years, so that's a significant advantage of the technology, and of course the hardware. We co-developed the technology. inks with the printing technology, and the curing technology is designed into the ink system, so when you apply the LED light to it, it cures the ink with no heat. I use less energy. I can instantly turn the printing system on SGIA: What can you tell me about your UV LED equipment, and what you've brought to the 2013 SGIA Expo? Ken Hanulec: We came out with LED about two and a half years ago on our hybrid printers. We have a GS two-meter and and off in the morning. I don't have to wait for the system to a GS three-meter LX, or LED. That technology, there's over 175 warm up. It's not heat. It's just a light. Those are all benefits. of those installed worldwide. We had so much success with Because I'm not using heat, I can print on a much wider range that technology, with feedback from the market and the cus- of substrates, including very, very thin substrates, and very tomers - they really bought into the value proposition of the thin cling materials. less energy, more substrates, lower running costs, lower ship- If you were to go talk to the 175 installations we have, the ping costs, just a greener process in general - we announced number one thing everyone will tell you is it's more reliable. at [the 2013 SGIA Expo] that we put it on our roll-to-roll device, Paul McGovern, Mimaki: With LED printers, we came out with a cost effective curing lamp to go into small tabletop so we have a three-meter version with LED curing. That's the GS3250LXR. Mimaki UJF-6042 42 | SGIA Journal ■ November/December 2013 Visit SGIA at

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