SGIA Journal May/June 2014 - (Page Cover1)

The Journal of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association | 2014, Volume 18, May/June Wide Format Digital Dynamic Signage Sustainability Workflow Color Management Print MIS Digital Finishing Plastics Recycling Injury & Illness Data New Products

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of SGIA Journal May/June 2014

Wide Format: Much More Than Just Print
Sustainability — It’s Not Just Paper and Ink
Workflow — It’s About Your Business
The Variables of Color Management of Screen Ink Versus Digital Ink Systems
Selecting a Print MIS Solution
Choosing a UV Flatbed Printer
The State of Digital Die-Cutting/ Digital Finishing for Wide- and Grand-Format Print in 2014
Laird Plastics Leads the Charge Toward Plastics Recycling
printing & imaging
SGIA Responds to OSHA’s Proposed Rule Requiring Electronic Submittal of Injury & Illness Data
Public Workshop To Be Held On Proposed Regulation Change for Proposition 65 Warnings
SGIA Survey Results Show Direction, Strength of Graphics & Sign Community
What’s Your Sign?
Professionals, Amateurs and Civilians
New Products

SGIA Journal May/June 2014