SGIA Journal September/October 2014 - (Page Cover1)

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of SGIA Journal September/October 2014

A Revolution in Screen Print Drying and Curing Efficiencies
How Wide-Format Imaging is Changing the Commercial Printing Industry
Using Software Controls to Reduce Ink Costs: Are the Benefits Worth the Risks?
Traditional Die Cutting Versus Digital Die Cutting
Birth Pains of New International Color Standards
The Next Step is Implementation
Blurring the Line Between Commercial and Industrial Printing
Media Lifecycle: Guide to Possibilities and Opportunities of After-Use
Your Wide Guide to the Expo
UV Inkjet Versus Traditional Analog Methods of Decorating
First to Know
EPA’s Design for the Environmental Program
SGIA Recommends Reinstatement of NAICS Code for Digital Printing
The Corner Office
Why Your Marketing Never Works Out The Way You Plan
Sign Posts
How Using a Check-Plan Eliminates Risks — Or Why You Shouldn’t Wing It
Reaching a New Market: A Conversation with Ann Brown, New Vista Image
Pricing the Print: Did We Go Wrong?
Rivets — Two “Right” Ways
Printed Electronics
Backlighting Options, the Pros & Cons
At the Expo
SGIA Expo Sponsors Prepare to Heat Up the Vegas Strip
Member Resources & News
Cal Poly Launches Online Printed Electronics and Functional Imaging Professional Certificate
New Products

SGIA Journal September/October 2014