SGIA Journal Garment Edition: Spring 2014 - (Page Cover1)

The Journal of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association | 2014, Volume Two, Spring Color Matching Wearable Tech Dye Sublimation Printing Textiles Art Files Compliance Standards Adding DTG Dynamic! Reinvented!

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of SGIA Journal Garment Edition: Spring 2014

Color Matching: Exploring Proper Tools, Methods & Procedures
GroupeSTAHL and The Wild Side Partner to Offer Customers “Wearable Art”
Wearable Technology: Printing the Future
A Look at Dye Sublimation
Six Ways to Show Your Clients You Care
When Regulatory Decisions Affect You – It's Dynamic! It's Reinvented! It’s!
A Half-Dozen Things for Embroiderers to Consider When Adding a DTG to Their Business
Optimizing Art Files For Garment Production
Confused by Compliance Standards? Navigating Phthalates & Textile Ink
Burnout and Discharge Inks
Benchmarking the Industry: SGIA Survey Results Show Direction, Strength of Garment Decoration
New Products

SGIA Journal Garment Edition: Spring 2014