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The versatility of diced and sliced proteins offers consumers, professional chefs,
commissaries and meal kit manufacturers high-quality and consistent ingredient
and toppings for everything from soups to sauces to salads and pizzas.
food safety and quality has, perhaps, never been higher

ed with Wasabi dressing to blend the poultry with tangy

and the diversity of channels where products are sold be-

flavors and crunchy textures, including cucumber, Asian

come more fragmented by the day. Meeting the growing

pears and bean sprouts. Warm flank steak is the protein

list of expectations from consumers creates challenges for

feature of another chef-inspired recipe highlighted on the

processors whose customers strive to meet and exceed

list, which recommended the use of sliced, soy-marinat-

those requirements. The variety of portion sizes and pack-

ed flank to add savory flavors and heartiness to a variety

aging options available at retail outlets, from supermarkets

of fresh vegetable options. Another salad-pairing delica-

to big-box operators is evidence of today's demand for

cy from F&W's list is a proscuitto-topped Farro salad with

products such as multi-compartment snack packs, loaded

fried cauliflower, adding a salty, Italian twist to ingredients

with any combination of fruit, nuts, sliced meat, cheese or

that include whole-grain wheat, crunchy vegetables and

even hard-boiled eggs.

nuts. Small morsels of smoked pork are paired with melons and peaches and mozzarella in another of the Top 10

Beyond snacking
Food&Wine magazine recently
identified a variety of applications
where proteins can fortify vegetable-based recipes for at-home
cooks and on mainstream foodservice menus. The foodie-focused

list of salad recipes.

"We keep hearing, 'it sure
is nice to have somebody
willing to work with us on a
complete line solution.'"
- Bill Williams, product sales manager, Carruthers line

At-home cooks are also quick
to take advantage of shortcut-focused




available at supermarkets, which
take steps out of preparing meat
ingredients for recipes, including

salad items identified by the magazine as on-trend are

diced and rectangular-sliced ham, bacon, turkey or chick-

protein heavy. According to its recent "Top 10: Salads"

en. These products are rapidly becoming a bigger part of

recipe ranking, sliced, poached chicken is the highlighted

retailers' shelves, alongside luncheon meats. The versa-

ingredient of a recipe for an Asian chicken salad accent-

tility of diced and sliced proteins offers consumers, pro-


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