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Opening the door for processors to realize new revenue
streams by creating a market for what was formerly second-tier and trim products is just one of many benefits behind the latest innovations built into the DuraKut.
The DuraKut's cutting area is where both the first dimensional cuts and the second dimensional cuts are made using circular blades with adjustable fingers and spacers to
create 5mm to 3-inch spacing between the knives. This

DuraKut™ 6000

cutting design and configuration of the blades as well as
the upper conveyor belt have been signature design features of Carruthers cutting machines for nearly 30 years.

"A 10-inch-wide Allen Bradley HMI PanelView 1000

The machine's rolling parts cart is designed to hold the

control screen is tethered to allow operators to be

belts and other parts after disassembly in preparation for

able to access all parts of the machine with the touch-


screen-based control panel in their hand," said Williams.
The screen can be easily removed during washdown, he

Seeing is believing
In response to processor-based feedback that language

said, which is a feature designed into all critical components of the DuraKut.

is a common barrier for operators of equipment, designers

As a Rockwell Automation Equipment Builder Partner,

of the DuraKut committed to creating the most user-friend-

Marlen has demonstrated the ability to utilize Augmented

ly, intuitive interface possible. The MobileView HMI is the

Reality (AR) that is based on the newly engineered control

result of Marlen International's engineering team partnering

panel. The equipment also uses PackML, a programming

with Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Automation. Featuring a

platform designed to integrate the operations of multiple

graphics-based user interface, operation is straightforward

types of equipment to ensure they are communicating cor-

for non-English speaking workforces with easy-to-under-

rectly using the same language. The system also offers

stand visual symbols and graphics that provide information

eWon technology to enable remote access to operational

and instructions for operating and maintaining the dicer.

data from the machine for monitoring and troubleshooting.

"We can dice and slice products, whether they're coming
right out of the oven or if they are crust frozen." - Bill Williams


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