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A redesigned spiral knife minimizes product movement and ensures precision
cuts and the DuraKut's system of infeed and discharge belts allows for
integration up and down the processing line, regardless of the product.
Sanitation focus

machine during sanitation. "It's simple and anyone can do

The sanitary design aspects of the DuraKut were an-

it," Williams said, and the entire disassembly process can

other priority of the engineers of the equipment. One of

be completed in a matter of minutes. The ergonomically

the largest processors of diced toppings in the country

designed parts cart, "that lives with the machine" features

recently endorsed the DuraKut as one of the industry's

a plastic, water-resistant box to house and protect the ma-

most advanced in terms of sanitary design just before

chine's removable HMI.

ordering two of the dicers.
"If you look at the machine, there are no flat surfaces, ev-

"There's a place for every part that comes off of this machine," said Williams.

erything is sloped and it's all designed to be washable from
head to toe," Williams said, pointing out the absence of
external hinges on the DuraKut's covers and door panels.
The open-channel framework is another sanitary design
feature that has become a standard, eliminating opportunities for pathogens to harbor in hard-to-access areas.
To simplify washdown, internal drive belts are designed
for easy removal and are stored on pegs mounted on the
machine to improve access to internal parts for sanitation.
Conveyor rollers, belts and rails are also designed for easy
disassembly and have designated storage areas on the

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