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the future looks bright
From coast to coast, America's retail bakeries are

In Los Angeles, owner Raul Porto and his family

brimming with innovative ideas. It's no wonder the

innovate through relentless dedication to detail with

future looks bright for the retail bakery community,

regard to product quality, impeccable service and

fresh off a year in which total industry revenue rose


an estimated 7 percent, according to our 2017 Retail
Bakery Operations Study.

As customers enter the newest Porto's Bakery &
Café in Buena Park, California, a 25,000-square-foot

In Montclair, New Jersey, owner Rachel Crampsey

marvel to see, they are immersed in a multitude of

innovates by conducting a host of events (a spring

sensory experiences: bountiful bread racks, a fresh-

street fair, artisan bread/donut classes, summer

brew coffee and juice bar, a pastry station where

baking camp, annual 5K donut run) that intertwine

artisans finish off individual pastries in full view, and a

local customers into the fabric of the community and

huge glass window to watch cake decorators working

this neighborhood bakery. Montclair Bread's clever

their magic on marble-top, stainless-steel tables illu-

catchphrase, "Fueled by Doughnuts," helps build

minated by copper light fixtures above.

brand exposure for this bread bakery with a donut

"It's a spectacular impact," Raul Porto says. "As
bakers, we do all of these wonderful things, but no

"With bread, you can be part of someone's family

one ever sees it. We started thinking about baking

every day, whether it's someone's toast in the

as entertainment. Everything here showcases the

morning or the dinner table at night. It is part of

lighting, the menus, the bread racks, the coffee bar,

people's daily existence," says Crampsey.

the cakes and pastries."

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