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"We spend our life discovering innovation," Gumpel said of his job at
Panera. "Our competition is whoever
has lunch options within 2 miles of
your location, and often they are craft
For this reason, Panera has paved the
way for the bakery café sector to soar
to new heights.
"My friend Danny Coudreaut (executive chef) at McDonald's says you
can have a thousand ideas and
maybe one gets to the store,"
Gumpel said. "The first step is determine what job you need to do and
confirm who you are doing it for.
Determine what matters to success
and develop a multi-development


vision of solutions."

Achieve Perfection
Our quality equipment can meet your bakery needs.
Dough Mixers:
Magna Mixer has designed a standard line of equipment
to give customers complete mixing control over a wide
range of products with superior performance. The design
allows for product weights up to 4,000lbs and single or
double arm mixers.

Cookie Depositors:
Magna Mixer Depositors are designed to produce dozens
of your product accurately and efficiently.

Custom Design Equipment:
Magna Mixer has the capability to design and
manufacture custom equipment to meet your production
demands. Whether you need a a cookie depositor or a
horizontal mixer, we have a solution to fit your needs!

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