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"People are looking for where true innovation is
coming, and it's the retail bakers who are the
creative minds who are making it happen."
Marjorie Hellmer, president of Cypress Research Associates, LLC

"It's a great microcosm of what's happing in the country,"
Hellmer says. "People are following their dreams, and one of
them is to be a baker."
On the supply side, retail bakeries report the top three expectations from bakery suppliers and distributors are "values my
business," "consistent product quality and performance," and
"has knowledgeable sales reps."
This development indicates an increasing willingness on the
part of bakery owners to work with suppliers that provide
consistency and knowledge.
"Bakers are more willing than ever," Hellmer says, "at looking
to their suppliers as a partner."
Emerging consumer trends

Marjorie Hellmer presents findings of the 2017 Retail Bakery Operations

It's equally important for retail bakeries to keep pace with

Study to the National Association of Flour Distributors conference.

emerging trends. Kara Nielsen, manager of Sales and
Engagement USA for Innova Market Insights, addressed a

from pulses and grains to grass-fed meat and pastured dairy.

wide range of consumer trends facing the baking industry,

Americans' obsession with this nutrient may evolve into a

during a June 6 presentation at the Sosland Publishing

greater interest in dietary fiber, Nielsen said.

Purchasing Seminar in Kansas City.
Free-from foods also are evolving, with gluten-free options
Nielsen discussed current and future food trends, including

in the marketplace containing more nutrient-dense, real-food

what's next on the health and wellness horizon. Protein may

ingredients, such as coconut and almond flour and ancient

be peaking, she said, but a new focus on quality and custom-

grains, Nielsen said.

ization has given rise to premium and plant-based sources,
"How gluten-free food was made years ago, it's very different
now," she said. "We also see more nutrients being added to
these products to give them more substance and flavor."




Other trends reveal that the main factors driving purchasing
habits are clean label and transparency, according to Mintel.
Today's health-conscious consumers are staying away from
products containing high-fructose corn syrup (50 percent),
trans fat (45 percent) and saturated fat (43 percent).
"Despite the fact that we're seeing such a widespread and
growing interest in healthy foods, relatively few Americans
believe their diet is healthy. With consumers largely wary
of even regulator-approved health food options, marketing



healthy foods to skeptical consumers requires far more than
merely an on-pack promise," says Billy Roberts, senior food
and drink analyst at Mintel. | JUL 2017 > 07

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